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The role of HR development jobs in Vietnam

Among resources, human resource is considered as an invaluable asset, especially when it is reasonably exploited. This great feature is based on the fact that human resource has exclusive economic advantage such as being irreplaceable, increasing value by time. This element with its unlimited prominent advantage is able to dominate process of social – economic development. In the context of globalization, the victory belongs to nations with more highly developed human resource. Jobs in Vietnam is currently a proactive market but still has many things to learn.

As a perquisite of the modernization and international integration, human resource market in Vietnam is also demanding for the more highly qualified personnel who is able to work in the high pressure of competition and the environment of highly developed technology. The future labor force is expected to quickly adapt to rapid change in science and technology. More than ever, human resource is becoming the important pushing factor to the economy in Vietnam.

The future leader generation is a crucial element to fully utilize all economic  advantages of Vietnam. Therefore, understanding the development trend of Vietnam human resource, creating the suitable development plan, training program and human resource allocation are very important.

As learning from the HR management strategy of the multinational corporation, it can be seen that they always prioritize the care for future leader generation development as the most important factor for development in the global economy with severe competition. On consideration of these lessons as well as the current status of Vietnamese SMEs and SOE, it is expected to be applicable to conduct some following suggestions

– Firstly, the HR development strategy of an organization is in the close relationship with development strategy. As a result, the first things to do in planning for the HR development is to define company’s core value. Afterwards, based on these core competencies, the HR department can plan on their HR plan to achieve the competitive advantages. 

– Secondly, developing future labor force for the company is not only the job of the headquarter but also the job of the whole system. It is necessary to create a united framework for HR development while still allowing the free space for adjustment to suit the working culture at each place.

The suggested plan for development of labor force should be planning on a united system in the whole group, detailed training plan for each local section in the short term and long term as well as create a sustainable system of jobs in Vietnam to secure the human resource in the future.

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Những phong cách làm việc của người Hàn Quốc

Nằm trong top 4 con rồng châu Á, nền kinh tế Hàn Quốc có tốc độ tăng trưởng khiến nhiều đất nước phải ngưỡng mộ. Vậy họ làm việc như thế nào? Phong cách của họ ra sao? Bài viết sau đây Vieclambank xin giới thiệu đến các bạn một số phong cách làm việc của người Hàn để bạn làm bí quyết khi xin việc làm tại công ty Hàn Quốc 

– Tôn trọng quyết định của nhóm

– Quan tâm đến kết quả lao động

– Đúng giờ là một quy tắc tối quan trọng

– Coi trọng thể diện

– Khi xảy ra mâu thuẫn, nên gặp trực tiếp để giải quyết vấn đề

Còn nhiều thông tin về việc làm tiếng Hàn hấp dẫ được thường xuyên cập nhập tại website: http://www.vieclambank.com của Vieclambank – công ty chuyên tuyển dụng nhân sự cho công ty Nhật Bản, Hàn Quốc. 



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